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Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) builds successful working partnerships between clients and dogs that empower people and open doors to new opportunities.


In this time of uncertainty and an ever-changing landscape surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain steadfast in our concern and compassion for those who have been affected; and continue to evolve our responses daily.  We know that everyone has their personal concerns and/or fears in visiting public places, being mindful of keeping themselves and their loved one safe—it can be challenging.

Therefore we are reaching out from ADW to let you know that we are committed to right action based upon recommendations from our national, state-wide and local resources.  Your health and safety, as well as that of our staff and canines is at the forefront of each and every day.

We are dedicated to keeping our facility clean and sanitized for your health and are taking every opportunity to help prevent the spread of the virus. And will follow the Public School recommendations for all our student training programs, keeping you informed of any necessity to suspend classes.

Each and every member of our ADW community is committed to the health and safety of all who visit our training center.  We are regularly cleaning our high-touch surfaces several times a day.

And we ask you, as members of this community, to help us by following all these protocols:

  • Make sure your clothing, leashes and training gear are clean and sanitized
  • Upon arrival, please wash your hands
  • If you use a paper towel to open a door, please carry it with you and dispose of it to the nearest trash can
  • If you’re feeling sick at all, please stay home
  • When leaving the building, please wash your hands again.

Remember to keep patience, confidence, resilience and love in your heart.  These are lessons our Canines teach us each and every day.

1 Dog : 1 Person

Our Foundation

To serve clients with disabilities, ADW dogs complete one of the most demanding fields of dog training. From puppy selection through training and matching dogs and clients, we focus on the mental, physical and emotional well-being of dogs in our care. We build heartfelt relationships between dogs and people that sustain both partners in their lifelong journey together.

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1 Dog : Many People

Our New Programs

Through our Courthouse Facility Dogs program, we place dogs in criminal justice settings where they help to foster a safer and more comfortable environment for children who must provide depositions and give testimony in court. Warrior Canine Connection™  teaches warriors with combat injuries how to train service dogs for other veterans with disabilities.

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