Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) builds successful working partnerships between clients and dogs that empower people and open doors to new opportunities.

1 Dog : 1 Person

Our Foundation

To serve clients with disabilities, ADW dogs complete one of the most demanding fields of dog training.

From puppy selection through training and matching with a client, our focus is on the mental, physical and emotional well-being of dogs in our care. Throughout our training and placement process, we at ADW emphasize building heartfelt relationships between dogs and people that sustain both partners in their lifelong journey together.

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1 Dog : Many People

Our New Programs

ADW has developed new areas of expertise that place dogs in settings where their impact transforms many lives. Through our Courthouse Dogs program, we place dogs in criminal justice settings where they help to foster a safer and more comfortable environment for children who must provide depositions and give testimony in court. Warrior Canine Connection™  teaches warriors with combat injuries how to train service dogs for other veterans with disabilities.

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"If a child is reluctant to go into an interview room- give him/her Russell's leash and off they go. A hyperactive child having trouble focusing? Help them "train" Russell to do a trick using soft voices, limited body movements, and staying focused. Try to explain to a frightened child that he/she will have to come back for a medical exam or victim meeting? No problem if Russell is going to be there."

− Kathy Rau, Executive Director, Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center