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These pages are designed to serve as a tool for those interested in learning more about access rights for people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs, to review the industry standards developed by Assistance Dogs International and to gain an understanding of the various state and federal laws that are in place.

New Mexico Law & Public Access

New Mexico law guarantees a blind, deaf, physically disabled person and/or trainer recognized by assistance dogs training schools the legal right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog in all public accommodations and on all common carriers. NM Law: Chapter 28 Article 7§ 28-7-3 (1987) Article 11 § 28-11-3 (1999). American Disabilities Act, 42, U.S.C.A. § 12101 et seq.

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Link/Header for the NM Governor’s Commission on Disability

United States: Federal Legislation Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Resources: