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Simply put, we teach students to train dogs to help people. Since 1995, more than 2500 student trainers in New Mexico have taken part in the ADW Assistance Dog Student Training program, the largest of its kind in the world. This work strengthens relationships, builds skills and nurtures empathy among young people, the dogs they train and our clients.

The student trainers learn from the staff trainers whose job it is to instill the behaviors in dogs that form the basis for their learning the 90 cues. The staff trainers take the dogs into classrooms where the students reinforce the dogs’ behavior, refine the cues in public settings, and experience first-hand what training service dogs entails.

Visit our Apply for a Dog page for more information on student trainer programs, and our application form.

Our student program encompasses a wide spectrum of ages and learning forums including:

  • Our student programs are held in-school, after school and during the summer in public, charter, middle and high school settings throughout Santa Fe, NM;
  • Our programs include students of varying abilities and learning styles aged 8-18 years old.

Register for Student Training

Students have an opportunity to enjoy in-depth, hands-on learning with ADW professional assistance dog trainers. Classes are open to kids ages 8 to 18.