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Challenge accepted!


Each of our puppies starts his or her time with us under the care and guidance of our professionals, who are assisted by our devoted volunteers.  As they grow and develop into working canines, they receive more than 1,500 hours of training.  By the time they are ready to start their careers, an impressive $35,000 has been invested in their success.

In August, Enterprise Bank & Trust provided Assistance Dogs of the West with a three-year challenge grant totaling $60,000.  This translates into critical support of our canines and their education and provides a powerful way to double your donation.

Every new dollar donated will be matched, dollar for dollar until the match has been met.  If you already donate to ADW, any increase above your previous giving level will also be matched.  We invite you to participate and be a part of charting the more positive future that our working canines bring to those they serve, whether it’s for an individual person seeking greater independence, or a facility dog serving thousands.

Thank you Enterprise Bank & Trust.  Challenge accepted!

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