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A Passion For Serving

ADW Board members provide numerous resources including but not limited to: financial contributions; contacts with friends, corporate and community resources; professional in-kind services; networking; and staff/volunteer appreciation. They are ADW puppy raisers, public relations experts, financial and business advisors, even bulk mail assistants. They are always great friends.

Board of Directors

The ADW Board of Directors has, for its primary responsibility, oversight of strategic and financial programs, along with fundraising and development activities.

Current Board Members:

Linda Milanesi, CEO, President (Ex-officio)
Jill Felice, Founder, Executive VP (Ex-officio)
Whitney Sunderland, Executive Chair
Jim Moore, Executive Vice-Chair
Dion Silva, Executive Treasurer
Linda Berkeley-Weiss, Executive Secretary
LuzAnne Fernandez
Deena Semler
Todd Sickles

Youth Board

To increase important ADW communications and constituent connections, in 2007 ADW formed a Youth Board. The role of the ADW Youth Board is to share the opinions and values of student trainers with the ADW Board and Executive Director in support of the mission and vision of ADW. We are honored to have these current Youth Board members.

The Youth Board members have the following charter:

To represent ADW to the youth in our community
To represent their ideas and the ideas of their peers to ADW
To provide feedback on specific issues of personal interest and experience
To provide recommendations for program development and growth
To design and conduct a minimum of two fundraising activities each year

Current Youth Board Members:

Neve Naktin, President
Hailey Thompson, Secretary
Audrey Bohlin
Annisa Berendzen
Sat Kartar Khalsa
Gwen Muchmore

Bella Krooth

Advisory council

To increase our community connections, ADW has formed an Advisory Council. The role of the ADW Advisory Council is to help advance ADW growth and development, influence and professionalism through advice, contacts and counsel. We are honored to have the following community members on our Advisory Council.

Advisory council

Linda Berkeley-Weiss, Contractor and Breeder, CT
Gina Browning, Opera Singer and Parent
Katrina Holder, La Mariposa Montessori School
Ellen Kemper, JD, ADW Board Emeritus
Doug Lanham, Jinja Bistro, Santa Fe
Ali MacGraw, Actress, Philanthropist and Dog Lover
Paul Margetson, Hotel Santa Fe
Tony Mark, Film Producer
Judith Newton, ADW Board Emeritus
Dr. Brent Parker, DVM, Santa Fe Animal Hospital
Dr. Larry Tilley, DVM, ACVIM
Melissa Weiner, Publicist
Melissa Winkle, OTR/L, ADW Board Emeritus

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